Matt (navywargod) wrote in oh_so_clever,

I am Bipolar, so sue me

From the Halo movies

2=Matt G.

1: what are they doing?
2: what?
1: I said what are they doing now?
2: God damn I am getting so sick of answering that question.
1: You have a fucking rifle, I can't see shit. Don't bitch at me cuase' I am not going to sit up here and play with my dick all day.
2: Ok, ok look, they are just standing there and talking. Thats all there doing. Thats all they ever do is just stand there and talk. Thats what they were doing last week, that is what they were doing when you asked me five minute ago. So, five minutes from now, when you ask me, What are they doin? My answers going to be, There still just talking and there still just standing there.
(a 10 second pause)
1: What are they talking about?
2: You know what? ..... I fucking hate you.
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