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oh_so_clever's Journal

Ooohhhhh Soooo Clever
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This is a community created by the clever, for the clever, and only the clever. ..Although at times we may not be so clever. This community is basically for us and our friends. Pretty much just us, writing about clever things that happen to us or that we do. The rules are as follows:

* You need permission to join
* If you make super-long posts, or post pictures, you must use the livejournal cut tag.
* Don't be dumb and make trouble, this is a happy place.
*No negative comments, or livejournal wars. This is a community for fun, not for drama.
* If you break any of the rules, you will be removed from the community immediately. Oh, and you will suffer the wrath of the Wobbie.

...Fear the Wobbie.

This community is maintained by dis1035
..So don't mess with me.